Common Grace is a small 501c3 non-profit organization in Hawaii that facilitates partnerships between public elementary schools and neighborhood churches to provide mentors with highly vulnerable children. Since 2003, we have helped over 3,000 children.

In 2015, Common Grace created another program called Malama Mentors by collaborating with high schools to send the best juniors and seniors to mentor elementary students. Not only were the elementary school kids able to receive a friend and a mentor, but the high school kids were able to learn a lot: compassion, the importance of consistency, responsibility, and integrity. Today, Malama Mentors partners with 9 high schools and 12 elementary schools on the island of Oahu to serve over 100 high school mentors and elementary school mentees.

This year, Malama Mentors expanded its reach to middle school students in response to the pandemic! Enforced isolation has had a major impact on the social and emotional health of many of our elementary students, especially those who transitioned into 6th grade this year. We are excited to partner college-aged Malama Mentors alumni with middle schoolers in need this school year.

Pictured above: Kroc Center Splash of Color! Taken March 2020, two weeks before the statewide stay-at-home order.

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