This year has been quit a ride, but we are incredibly thankful for our friends and family who help us through these times. Just as we depend on support networks, the families we work with equally depend on the services we provide.

When the pandemic’s effects first began trickling into Hawaii, we knew we had to help our keiki. We reduced staff hours and salaries by 50% to ensure we could continue our mission of helping Hawaii’s keiki.

Since July, we have raised funds to personally deliver school supplies, weekly food boxes, holiday gifts to kids and their families, and train 75 new mentors. To many of these families, the food boxes and supplies we deliver are vital. Many of the children’s families we work with have households in which both parents have lost jobs. To add to financial issues, many families struggle with language barriers, making it difficult to apply for unemployment, seek help, and educate themselves on proper protocols to keep their family safe during the pandemic.

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